Brains is a brand stuck in its ways. It’s struggling to capture a new generation of social drinkers that aren’t loyal to their locals, just the prices they offer. The aim was to engage and capture this new generation that can’t live without their phones to discover Brains as a brewery that produces good quality ales and is worth their precious attention.

An interactive game that uses geolocation to direct patrons from one pub that serves Brains, to another and keeping the experience fresh by the user having to avoid virtual zombies. The app focuses on giving the users opportunities to avoid zombies to win Brains branded merchandise. 

Together with digital content, brand packages would be sent to pubs enabling them to both advertise they provide Brains and that they’re taking part in the Braaains zombie themed event. Collateral includes pub banners, NFC enabled posters and beer mats.



The most amazing Pub Crawl. Ever.