Viva La Etsy.

Working in collaboration with fashion and advertising photographer Opal Turner we wanted to create work for Etsy and its strong following. As personal admirers and users of the eclectic site we began our self motivated brief. The aim was to be engaging but lighthearted creating an integrated campaign to draw artists, makers & creatives to Etsy as a selling platform.

Enable both new and existing sellers to create the next great Etsy advert and get involved with the movement we named ‘Viva La Etsy’.  Due to the rising popularity of retro, vintage & craft in Britain, and as Etsy’s more popular areas, we made them THE brand of this revolution.

The posters and video were made using real crafters and vintage lovers and their goods. The still imagery and poster design was inspired by vintage propaganda posters to directly speak to the target audience, the use of closeups of hands emphasised the handmade aspect of the site and many of it’s goods, as well as implying power to those who use it.

The video advert focused on the same hand closeups visually but endeavoured to show the story and process behind the makers, we created three variations but further on in the campaign more of these would be realised showcasing different crafts and used on television, internet and mobile media.